A Chantilly speciality enjoyed all over the world, Chantilly cream was invented in the 18th century to be served at the lavish picnics organised by Louis-Joseph Bourbon-Condé in Château de Chantilly.

Come and taste true Chantilly cream Aux Gouters Champetres (hamlet – château park) and in the restaurants in the hotels around Chantilly.

The original recipe for Chantilly cream– 50 cl unpasteurised French cream or whipping cream
– 20 g vanilla-flavoured sugar
– 20 g icing sugarMethod:
– Take the well chilled cream and whip it in a bowl that has also been chilled in the fridge
– Add the vanilla sugar and icing sugar
– Beat the cream energetically with a hand whisk or electric whisk until the cream thickens and stiff peaks form. The cream can be described as Chantilly when, on removing the whisk from the cream, a loop appears and the peaks keep their shape.
Important: At this stage, only a few more beats of the whisk will turn the Chantilly cream into butter!
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A destination much coveted by the Princes who were accustomed to the château lifestyle, Chantilly has always placed the art of living and gastronomy at the heart of its traditions.

Come and discover a world of classic tastes and innovative flavours kept alive today by the internationally-renowned restaurants in our hotels:

Modern, creative, gastronomic or traditional, Very Chantilly offers a range of restaurants to delight all food lovers: The Donatello Restaurant with the Chef David Archinard at Dolce Chantilly, Château Hôtel Mont Royal with the Chef Benoist Rambaud and restaurants Le Vilargène and Château de la Tour.

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